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Trine: Harmony, Sextile: Growth, Opposition: Different point of view of the same energy, Squares: Friction

Trine: Harmony, Sextile: Growth, Opposition: Different point of view of the same energy, Squares: Friction

So that’s the basics of astrological aspects. Generally, Trines and Sextiles are beneficial, meaning the enhance the energy of each sign. Sextiles doing this through wantmatures growth. Oppositions are challenging but illuminating. Squares are tense and full of friction but can be broken through.

Now onto Moon Signs. Your Moon Sign determines your reigning emotional need. Meaning what you need to feel fulfilled in your heart. When we feel depressed, happy, angry or content, it is often our Moon Sign which contributed to these feelings. Your Moon sign is one of the most important pieces in your relationship because it tells you what you need from yourself and from another to feel emotionally content. Below is a brief explanation of your Moon Signs.

You can pair together your Moon signs just like you did your Sun Signs. Are you and your partner in a trine, a square, opposing or sextile with your Moon signs?

Often how we love is what attracts our partners

Lastly, we have our Venus Sign. Venus is the planet of love and in our chart shows us how we love. Do you love with big gestures or tender moments? If any sign pairs with the common �love languages� this is it. Your Venus will show you how you communicate love and often times what you are attracted to in a partner. A brief explanation of Venus Signs is below:

Venus in Libra: You love through beautiful surroundings. A sensual home, fragrance in the air, a beautiful scene shows your love and attracts you.

Do you love with speech or touch?

Venus in Scorpio: Quality time is your thing. You show your love through it, and need it to feel loved.

Venus in Sagittarius: You love on the road. A journey is how you show your heart and what attracts you.

Venus in Capricorn: You love through commitment. Signing a lease together, or at least dedicating a night a week to your partner is how you love.

Venus in Aquarius: You love unconventionally. Grand gestures at unusual times are more your thing than roses on valentine’s day.

Venus in Pisces: You love through full immersion. Melding with another’s energy and emotions is what attracts you and shows your love.

Again, determine how your Venus signs relate to one another. Do they trine? Meaning, do they harmonize each other and bring out the best? Do they Sextile? Meaning, to do they help you grow and understand yourself on a deeper level? Do they Oppose? Meaning, do they bring you a different perspective and can you live with that? Or do they Square? Meaning do they clash, but might be exciting nonetheless?

Ok, so you have your Sun, your Moon and your Venus. Now it’s time to play best out of three. Say your Moon signs oppose, your Sun signs trine and your Venus sextile. We have two very beneficial aspects (trine and sextile) and one challenge. This combination doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed to failure or guaranteed glory. It just shows you where your work is, and where you ple, the challenge would be the Moon Sign or reigning needs. So, if you two are quarreling, look to your Moon Sign to start reconciling your love through understanding each other’s needs. Say your Sun signs square, your Moons sextile, and your Venus signs oppose. More than likely, relationship issues will revolve around your core personality, meaning what you need in life to hold you together. This core personality is where the greatest friction will exist. If that doesn’t settle the debate, look to your opposing Venus. Are you viewing the same energy from a different perspective? How can you see the same thing from similar points of view?

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