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Is it easy for cougars to find cubs on paid and free cougar sites like CougarLife?

Is it easy for cougars to find cubs on paid and free cougar sites like CougarLife?

This site provides an easy way for people of varying degrees of sexuality to meet people. Gay, straight, lesbian, or couples; it don’t matter. For cougars, there might be cubs sprinkled here and there, but don’t expect them to be readily available to strip off their clothes and get it on till the early hours of the morning.

  • Geared toward dating people 50+
  • Android, iOS apps
  • Marketed as senior dating
  • Free and paid sections
  • Match system

For cougars, finding a cub is as easy as finding a tuna casserole at the grocery store. The answer is an undoubted yes. Let me inform you on the biology of a man’s sex drive. It never stops. A man will always get horny, no matter what, whether he has the mental power to control his urges or not – nature tends to take over. That’s your advantage. If you are a sexy, feminine woman, some guys can’t resist your natural power. Additionally, if you want to put icing on the cake, cough up a few dollars to purchase for him the latest xBox console. Easy access to money along with your sexiness, and a warm, moist hole, gives him everything he wants. Then you are in there like swimwear. Men love to have sex with women, that’s just a fact, and they love getting money in the process. If you provide both, there should be no reason a cub will say no. Becoming a sugar momma is not a requirement like with sugar daddy sites . Some men just appreciate the experience, mature, and seasoned energy of an older woman.

For a cub, it might be an intimidating experience getting with a cougar. She got the experience for God’s sake and doesn’t want a ‘little’ boy in bed. Relax for a moment young grasshopper. Cougars have raging sex drives, and she wants it as much as you do. What do you lose by taking your shot? Think! The worst thing that can happen is getting rejected, in which you can jump to another profile and keep campaigning like you’re the president of the United States. Remember something: if a cougar gets on a cougar specific website, she is very open to meeting young men for casual sex. You have to open your Law of Attraction third-eye and speak into existence what you want. Visualize to materialize. That’s the name of the cougar game. Try it!

Benefits of getting with a cougar

Do I really need to explain the benefits of getting with a cougar? They don’t play ‘girly’ games like women in their 20s who are still stuck in high school mentality. Life experience, knowledge, and important stuff matters to a cougar. Not superficial stuff like hair or nails. A cougar is secure with herself. You can have an intelligent conversation with her and not necessarily money. She likes being in your company. Most importantly, a cougar is an expert in sex and can teach you things a young girl never knew existed.

Benefits of getting with a cub

A cub can make you feel young again. He can give you something real good in bed that you haven’t had since your college years. He is usually open-minded and willing happn to learn about life. He can be your blank sheet of paper waiting for you to author his mind with some experience and knowledge. He doesn’t judge you because he is into other women. Moreover, he didn’t grow up during a time when women ‘knew their place’. He doesn’t want to battle you for dominance. Everything is calm, cool, and chill with him. He just wants to have fun.

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